D&D Version 3.5

16 STR, 10 DEX, 14 CON, 10 INT, 14 WIS, 16 CHA

19 AC, 36 HP


Speaks Common, Draconic. Carries a Scythe


Appearance: Height – 7’0"; Weight – 350 lbs.; Scale color – White; Body type – Muscular; Eye color – Yellow

Age – 28

Wears full plate, covered in hide for warmth in cold weather. Under the hide, the armor is black in color with silver accents. Wears the holy symbol of a raven’s head around his neck.

From the Journal of Beksehmet, Holy Paladin in the Service of the Raven Queen:

First Entry

Year 26434

After long months of travel on the open sea, I have finally arrived on the continent of Brahve. The long days and nights of having nothing to occupy my time with aside from my daily prayers and meditations have led to my desire to begin a journal, both for my own referencing later on, and possibly for posterity if I find it of enough value.

I suppose that I should begin by telling a little about myself. My name is Beksehmet. I am a Dragonborn, or Dragonkin if you prefer the older terminology. I am a Paladin – a Holy Knight-errant, if you will – in service to the goddess of death and winter, the Raven Queen. I come from the land of Eknil, a country in the frozen seas of the South. More specifically, I come from a small island off the East shore of Eknil called Sharda. I’m traveling out from my homeland because I can find no more opportunities for myself there and I hope to be able to further my service to the Raven Queen abroad.

The first thing I remember from my childhood was my father, a cleric for the Temple of the Raven Queen, reading me a story from an old book. I don’t remember the story, but I remember my father very well. He was small for a male, only about 6’0" tall, and not muscled very well, but he had strength of mind. That’s what I remember best about him, how smart he was, and how strongly he held to his ideals. I was raised in the worship of the Raven Queen, and here I remain, not just in worship but in service as well.

When I announced my decision to leave to the Temple Elders, they saw the reason in my decision and proudly supported me. They bestowed upon me the armor I now wear and the shield I now carry, to protect me in my travels. For this I am grateful, if only for the fact that I may be allowed to continue in the Raven Queen’s service a little longer than I might have been able to otherwise.

I believe that is all I have to write for now, it is very late and I am tired. I shall write more soon.


Kalos damonmclarren