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Brahve is a smaller continent located in the southern half of Kalos. The southern edge of it has a very cold climate, while the rest remains at a moderate temperature.


Brahve was founded by the ancestors of the current king Franzibold, known as the Bluefoots. They left Ukt to escape the oppressive Bloodhammer Orcs who reside there to this day. The Bluefoots set sail in the year 26012AB for an unknown destination. They eventually stumbled upon what is now known as Brahve. Their original campsite is marked by the capital city Ambrovere’s town meeting hall.

Eventually the group formed a rather impressive city, and sent word to their family’s to join them. Soon many other groups followed the Bluefoots lead and made Brahve their home.

Ambrovere became larger and larger, as more and more groups came and set up houses, shops, farms, and entertainment venues. Ambrovere became a bustling city by the year 26035AB. The original founders took the position of royalty not by force, but with kindness and helpfulness. The citizens cried out for their leadership, and they met their needs.


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