Capital city of Brahve.

This massive city is divided into 4 districts. Three of which are long, public swaths of land leading up to the fourth, the castle where the king of the Brahve kingdom resides. The three public districts include The Tiers which is presided over by Lord Dethias Thromm, The Vale Gardens presided over by Lord Keelan Tuille, and The Pits presided over by Rokten Krummsh. The districts have notably different architectural stylings, and divide the city by social classes.

The Vale Gardens are on the eastern edge of the city, with access to the water via it’s own port, and a set of large gates that run along the massive stone and iron walls. This lush district houses the majority of the Elf population in the city, and it’s architecture takes from that fact.

The Tiers are along the western wall of the city, and houses a more eclectic mix of nobles and merchants. This is the common entrance for most visitors of the city, and prides itself on being a merchant mecca. Long corridors of permanent and temporary shops run the length of this district, as well as many of the guildhalls and a quite a few ancient structures, including the Great Library of Ambrovere, the League of Planar Activities headquarters, and the Church of the Fallen. It is named after it’s multi-tiered design which leads lower and lower to the same level as The Pits.

The Pits are located in a long trench down the center belonging to the lowest classes. The other two districts have even gone as far as to build long bridges over the top so the nobles can avoid the rough streets.

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